Veranda Vista22RC Pontoon



In 2006, Veranda Luxury Pontoons began crafting the finest engineered pontoons in the industry. With the strength and security of our Patented All-Aluminum All-Welded Interlocking Deck System combined with the ultimate in style and luxury, owners of Veranda Luxury Pontoons never have to choose between exhilarating performance and soothing relaxation. Over the years, Veranda has continued to refine manufacturing processes and provided the opportunity for thousands of Veranda Luxury Pontoon owners, like yourself, to discover the rewards of boating and making memories that last a lifetime. Veranda offers the finest in opulence, state-of-the-art construction, and impressive performance. A lifetime of enjoyment awaits you! Welcome to Veranda’s 2023 lineup of luxury pontoons.

Why choose the Veranda Vista View Series?
What happens when you combine the finest built, wood-free, best-in-class, Patented All-Aluminum All-Welded Interlocking Deck System with style, performance, and class for the discerning boating enthusiast, at the greatest value and return on their investment? Vista View by Veranda Luxury Pontoons. Beautifully appointed with gorgeous marine-grade vinyl seating, a luxurious helm with a redesigned dash panel, and an optional captain’s chair, the
Vista View is guaranteed to elicit envy from everyone on the water.

Vista View RC (Rear Chaise)
The “Vista View” is the only tri-toon on the market that looks, rides and performs like a high-end luxury craft that is affordable to all.  You owe it to yourself to invest in the best platform on the water, you are only a key turn away from a lifetime of enjoyment.  Picture yourself on a Veranda with a spectacular view from the Vista!


Additional information


Yamaha F150LC


Woven Tan Flooring Upgrade
NEW F150LC Motor
APT22 Tandem Triple-toon Trailer with Brake
Hook 4x Graph Plotter
L.E.D Navigation & Anchor Lights
Triple-Toon Performance Package
and much more!


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